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Sep 17 2013

Reminder: Grand Theft Auto Release!


GTA VOver half a decade in the making, the wait is finally over – Grand Theft Auto, arguably one of the best and most controversial (Rated M for Mature 17+) video game in console history, has finally been released (on the East Coast; those of you on the West Coast are going to have to wait a couple more hours!) Although there are only two months remaining until the release of the PS4 (Nov. 15) and Xbox One (Nov. 22), sales are expected to go strong. It’s been predicted that the game will net over $1 billion dollars retail in the first month alone while selling through 6.5 million release day copies netting $400 million USD. Looming releases of the two new consoles are clearly not a concern for Rockstar (creator of the popular series) and nor should they be. The sheer amount of detail, time, and effort that went into the making of Grand Theft Auto is incredible and should be more than enough to sway a weary buyer – it’s been estimated the game cost a staggering $260 million dollars to produce, but when Rockstar was asked about this, they declined to comment. To put that into some perspective, the same amount of money is put into the making of some Hollywood blockbusters (the Spider-man & Harry Potter franchises.) Continue reading

Dec 4 2012

Review: MagLove Gloves – Three Words: I Glove You.



I hate gloves. I always have. I’m very tech

nologically centered, and wearing gloves means having to take them off every single time I want to reply to a text, send a tweet, instagram a picture of my food, it’s such a hassle. Thank god I stumbled upon the gloves. Gloves are black, stylish, stretchy gloves that have small metallic strands throughout them allowing the user/wearer to use there cell phones and touchscreen devices from the comfort of your gloves.

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Oct 24 2012

iOS 6.0 Untethered Jailbreak

Manu Singh

Welcome to Apple’s most recent iOS update, a lot has changed from Maps to Siri. The only thing that has not changed is the need for a jailbreak for the new

est iOS. Through the weeks following the iOS 6.0 release people have been avidly waiting for an exploit to be discovered, but at the moment the only exploit that still works are in A4 devices. A4 devices include iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the iPod Touch 4G. The exploit in A4 devices has been used to jailbreak different operating systems also, this unpatchable exploit does not exist in the newer Apple devices. A later article will be out, which will include a guide to jailbreak A4 devices, remember that this jailbreak is still tethered meaning when your phone turns off you will need to reboot through the computer/laptop. Other than that many jailbreakers are working on finding an exploit that will allow a jailbreak. This may take a while since a new iOS update is coming up called iOS 6.0.1, which may lead to an exploit being discovered. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then comment away, and keep informed. TripTronicTech-Simply Everything

Sep 16 2012

Review: iOS 6

Adam Shear

With the iPhone 5 on the horizon, Apple will also release with it an update to iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Most iOS users will enjoy this free update on September 19 which comes with plenty of new goodies to keep your device feeling fresh and new.  iOS 6 is the sixth major iOS update. Every previous update has had its claim to fame with the App Store in iOS 2.0, copy and paste in iOS 3.0, multitasking in iOS 4.0, and iCloud in iOS 5.0. Each of these features have changed the way iOS devices are used. Does iOS 6 change the way iOS is used, or does it happen to be the least important major iOS update to date?

Like other iOS updates, iOS 6 comes with over 100 new features. Through this review, I will go over many of its major features and put my concluding thoughts in the end. All of the screenshots you see come from my iPhone 4S during the three months I have been testing a beta version of iOS 6. Continue reading

Aug 30 2012

A Samsung Packed Fall Lineup for Boost Mobile: The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, the Galaxy Rush & the Samsung Array


Late last week, Samsung and Boost Mobile showed us some new devices from their Fall 2012 lineup. For those of us who find ourselves using a pre-paid, contract-less carrier like Boost Mobile, rather than T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, our options are usually limited to phones which can be described as mediocre as best. Well, Boost and Samsung have an answer for that with their new lineup.

While the new lineup doesn’t feature a Galaxy S III, which to be honest really isn’t surprising given how much it would cost, features a more than adequate Galaxy S II, in a sexy white or black coat, the Samsung Galaxy Rush, for the mid end/casual smartphone users, and lastly, a good old slider, feature phone in the Samsung Array. You can find the specs to follow. Continue reading

Aug 24 2012

T-Mobile Actually Has a Real “4G” Unlimited Plan


Well, we all know that all carriers often advertise and love to chant “Unlimited 4G” in their various commercials and adverts, but it was never really “real.” I thought it would always merely by a facade, but T-Mobile recently made it real – yeah, t

hat means no more changing one’s download speed to Edge or 2G after hitting a certain data threshold or limit!

Wednesday, T-Mobile announced a new data plan, simply known as, Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, and gave us all hope for a fast, cap-less internet experience on our devices once again. This new data plan can be added and kicks in on September 5th, and will throw you back $20 a month when being bundled with a Value voice and text plan or $30 a month, when added to one of the Classic voice and text plan. An example of what a bill may look like, directly from T-Mobile:

A single line Value plan with unlimited talk and Continue reading

Aug 23 2012

Stay Charged with Powerbag


As someone who uses their smartphone to plan out each day of their life, having my phone’s battery charged and running is extremely important to me. However, it seems that in today’s day and age, while our phones only get better and more powerful, battery life is still the same, and it is not holding up against these newer power hungry smartphones. It’s disappointing how far we have come, in terms of technology, smartphone wise, but our battery technology, well, sucks, for the most part, unless you shell out extra cash for a bigger battery. Many, including myself aren’t fond of bigger capacity batteries for a handful of reasons – they add extra bulk to the device due to the battery size, of course, unless you pay a much higher premium for a battery that fits your device without adding any bulk. However, more often than not, the increase in battery life with those without bulk are almost inconsiderable. Another big issue with shelling out money for a higher capacity battery is they’re made by third party companies! While there are some trusted companies, there’s no guarantee that battery won’t blow up, when going with a third party! After shelling out many Benjamin’s for my Galaxy Nexus, I’d rather not take that risk, and this, is where Powerbag comes in. Continue reading

Jun 14 2012

Jammin’ Review: Positive Vibration Headphones by The House of Marley


Music is everywhere, and it’s a party of everyone’s life nowadays. Unlike the late 80s and early 90s, many people are no longer carrying a loud, disposable battery powered boombox, playing a mix tape their significant other oh so lovingly made for them. Today, for the most part, it’s all about the headphones – it’s hard to go outside nowadays without seeing someone with out headphones on, listening to music. And with this music revolution, you can be sure there are many varieties of headphones, from in earphones to on ear headphones, ranging from prices like $5 – several thousand dollars! But with so many headphones, how can one be sure which pair to purchase – aren’t they all the same, made for the same purpose? Alas, it’s not that easy, and in a way, that’s good because if it wasn’t for me trying out various headphones, I’d never discover the House of Marley headphones. Ever since I’ve seen a demo of them at CES 2012 & started using them, I’m in love, and my music sounds better than before, when I was using a nice pair of Sennheisers. The House of Marley offers a plethora of headphones, with options for many types of listeners, with many different comfort options, and the best part is, unlike many other “high-end” headphone companies, Continue reading

Mar 20 2012

Review: The New Apple TV

Adam Shear

While Appl

e has many famous product lines, there is one that hasn’t received as much attention. Apple’s device used to bring iTunes content to your HDTV has gone through significant changes from the first generation model to second generation. The second generation relied completely on streaming video in 720p HD and lacked the bulky, expensive hard drive the first version relied on. It also brought Internet streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. The final major feature the second generation Apple TV brought to the world was AirPlay which allows one to play videos from an iOS device on their big screen TV. Aside from The new iPad, Apple also launched the third generation Apple TV on March 16. This new Apple TV finally brings us streaming video in 1080p HD and an all new user interface. Does the Apple TV deliver as a great set top box or is this tiny black box still a hobby product for Apple enthusiasts?

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Feb 9 2012

Cydia Tweak: Zeppelin

Manu Singh

Another cool

free Cydia Tweak, that allows you to change the words iPod or ATnT or whatever carrier you have into a cool logo.
Check out the demo at : Zeppelin Demo