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CES Unveiled Hands On: Case Mate and Boost Case Cases

Adam Shear

A look at the Boot Case charging attachment. This comes with all cases

The second case company I got to check out was Case Mate, one of the most well known case manufacturers out there. They had a plethora of new cases. The first one I was shown was a new line of sweets cases. Cases of cupcakes, lolipops, cake, and more were all on display and look like great cases for girls. There were also jungle themed cases featuring frogs, parrots, and more.

Case Mate also featured rugged cases which come in two parts, a screen protector, followed by rugged back. It felt really good in the hand and I am told that the phone will survive in most accidents, even being run over by a car. In fact, everyone who attended CES Unveiled today got a rugged case courtesy of Case Mate. We will be sure to provide a review for it.

Case Mate and Boost Case had a great lineup of cases and this is only the beginning. Lookout for more CES coverage all this week and early next week