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Nov 27 2011

Documents to Go: Productivity in Your Pocket

Eric Engoron

With smartphones becoming more and more popular among teenagers, they have begun to lose their true meaning, productivity on the go. In an attempt to bring back the productive side of smartphones, DataViz inc. has released Documents to Go, an app that aims to be Microsoft office in your pocket, and succeeds in being so.

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Nov 17 2011

T-Mobile Celebrating Launch of Google Music With Exclusive Deals


Google Music, the highly anticipated new application from Google, has been available in beta form since it’s launch back in May of this year. The service awards every user with Cloud storage space of up to 20,000 songs, and enables instant streaming from any web source, or through any Android tablet or smartphone device. Streaming is available on any Android device running Wi-FI, 3G or 4G.

The service has now officially gone public, and to celebrate, T-Mobile has partnered with Google to present an amazing offer to their customers. Every subscriber with a smartphone or tablet that is running Android 2.2 or higher will receive free new music releases every week from some of today’s most mainstream artists through the brand new Google Music online store. Right now, there is free content available from Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes, and it has been announced that every week through the rest of the year a handful of new music will be added to this list. There is also an option to share your music directly with your circles on Google+,where followers can listen to a full song once directly from your profile.

The new service is live right now, so anybody with T-Mobile should take full advantage of this while it lasts. Unfortunately, for the time being Google Music is only available in the United States, and there has been no official announcement for expansion to other territories.

For people on the fence about getting a smartphone, will this new deal inspire you to get a T-Mobile Android device? For those with a T-Mobile Android, does the service work as well as advertised? Are there any bugs or issues with downloading? Let us know in the comments below.


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Nov 14 2011

iTunes Match: The Software That Fuels The Cloud-Computing Fire

Eric Engoron

Originally intended for release in October, Apple’s long awaited iTunes Match service is finally here, and it definitely takes cloud computing to a new level of amazing.

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Jun 1 2011

Review: T-Mobile MyTouch 4G – The Touchiness Continues



There are many phones out there on the market to choose from but what’s different about this is it’s ‘personal’. The Mytouch series from T-mobile is back and in full swing. Even though the Mytouch series has only been around for a couple of years, it’s early success with the Mytouch 3g to combat some of the dazzling effects of the iPhone 3g has allowed T-Mobile to take another shot at the smartphone war. This time HTC packs into the device enough internals to give this device the name “iphone killer”. Coming off a fresh release of the G2 this new addition to the Mytouch family looks to impress. Continue reading

May 26 2011

HTC says goodbye to locked bootloaders!


Quietly keeping their customers!

HTC has been an obvious front-runner in the sales of Android devices for a while now, and it makes sense too. HTC did in fact release the first Android phone with Google, the T-Mobile G1, as well as the Google branded Nexus One. Today, HTC continues to churn out high quality, powerhouse super phones, which are among the reasons people like HTC as much as they do. A big portion of these people include the Android developing, hacking, and modding community. Although the quality and performance is great, another reason many modders, which includes a very big portion of the Android community, like HTC is because they allow you to unlock the phone’s bootloader.

What is a bootloader? The bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any Operating System (OS) is running, which is used actually used to boot up said Operating System. They [bootloaders] also control the different ways to boot the Operating System’s kernel, as well as containing commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment, according to Tel Aviv University. Continue reading

May 25 2011

UPDATE: NOW OFFICIAL! Are You Ready For The Future Of Payments?


Ready or not, the future’s coming! Several unnamed sources, cited by The Wall Street Journal, are reporting Google’s NFC (Near Field Communication) platform will be used in stores soon. Phones with the NFC chip built in, will essentially be a new form of payment. You will be able to wave the phone or device, provided it has NFC built in, in front of a small reader at the checkout counter, and your payment will go through without the hassle of coins or credit cards.  Continue reading

Apr 13 2011

[Android]TrueCaller: Instant Caller ID




No matter how private I try to keep my number, people seem to get my number somehow, in one way or another. This is fine, as long as


it’s not always a prank call, but what I dislike the most, is when I pick up and nobody talks! For some reason, I have to call that number back, unless it’s private; then I wait and hope they call again, so I know who it is. If I don’t find out, it irks me. Then, someone mentioned an advanced Caller ID application available for free on the Android Market called, TrueCaller (with a paid version containing more features.) I jumped on this as soon as I could. I thought this was the caller ID app I was looking for.


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Apr 13 2011

[Android]Astrid Task/Todo List


Astrid Icon

Are you like me and can’t remember half the things you need to do, without some sort of list that constantly reminds you? Fear not, you’re not alone, and Todoroo, Inc. knows that. With Astrid, an open source to-do list/task manager, getting your tasks done at specific times is now effortless.


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