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Sep 17 2013

Reminder: Grand Theft Auto Release!


GTA VOver half a decade in the making, the wait is finally over – Grand Theft Auto, arguably one of the best and most controversial (Rated M for Mature 17+) video game in console history, has finally been released (on the East Coast; those of you on the West Coast are going to have to wait a couple more hours!) Although there are only two months remaining until the release of the PS4 (Nov. 15) and Xbox One (Nov. 22), sales are expected to go strong. It’s been predicted that the game will net over $1 billion dollars retail in the first month alone while selling through 6.5 million release day copies netting $400 million USD. Looming releases of the two new consoles are clearly not a concern for Rockstar (creator of the popular series) and nor should they be. The sheer amount of detail, time, and effort that went into the making of Grand Theft Auto is incredible and should be more than enough to sway a weary buyer – it’s been estimated the game cost a staggering $260 million dollars to produce, but when Rockstar was asked about this, they declined to comment. To put that into some perspective, the same amount of money is put into the making of some Hollywood blockbusters (the Spider-man & Harry Potter franchises.) Continue reading

Nov 2 2011

Rockstar’s GTA V Trailer Debut! Coming Soon To The PS3 & Xbox 360 On 10 Discs?


The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto Five trailer was released today, and boy are people amped up. Personally, I’m extremely excited for this game. Grand Theft Auto is one of my, if not most favorite video game franchise of all time. I remember purchasing my first Grand Theft Auto game like it was yesterday, in fact, I still have the poster on my wall – Grand Theft Auto III. I received a $20 dollar Blockbuster gift card, so I decided I’d buy a video game. Grand Theft Auto always looked appealing to me, so I thought I’d finally get it for my PS2. This was less than a year after its release, and I had to pay a mere $25 dollars, considerably less than today’s prices. Too bad I was underage when this game came out, but luckily, my mother came inside the store and told them it was okay, and bought it for me. Yes, I played Grand Theft Auto as a pre-teen, and I think I came out okay.

Now, the question is, how many discs will GTA V come on? For the PS3, I think the maximum is 2 blu-ray discs, but the Xbox 360 is a whole other ball game. Unfortunately, the Xbox is using the outdated dual layer DVD format, which doesn’t have nearly as much space as blu-ray discs. In fact, LA Noire, also from Rockstar, released on three discs for the Xbox. Now, with these huge free roam Grand Theft Auto games, I can imagine it being on 7 discs, if not more! I’m okay with that because I want the amazing graphics, long and funĀ game-play, and no missing features due to size! As long as I don’t have to switch discs every so often, I should be fine. Once you install all discs, you should only be required the first disc to play. That’s just my opinion, though…