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Jun 14 2012

Jammin’ Review: Positive Vibration Headphones by The House of Marley


Music is everywhere, and it’s a party of everyone’s life nowadays. Unlike the late 80s and early 90s, many people are no longer carrying a loud, disposable battery powered boombox, playing a mix tape their significant other oh so lovingly made for them. Today, for the most part, it’s all about the headphones – it’s hard to go outside nowadays without seeing someone with out headphones on, listening to music. And with this music revolution, you can be sure there are many varieties of headphones, from in earphones to on ear headphones, ranging from prices like $5 – several thousand dollars! But with so many headphones, how can one be sure which pair to purchase – aren’t they all the same, made for the same purpose? Alas, it’s not that easy, and in a way, that’s good because if it wasn’t for me trying out various headphones, I’d never discover the House of Marley headphones. Ever since I’ve seen a demo of them at CES 2012 & started using them, I’m in love, and my music sounds better than before, when I was using a nice pair of Sennheisers. The House of Marley offers a plethora of headphones, with options for many types of listeners, with many different comfort options, and the best part is, unlike many other “high-end” headphone companies, Continue reading

Jan 17 2012

CES 2012: Monster Unveils 2012 Headphones Lineup- Looking Just As Good As They Sound

Adam Shear

A company that originally created cables for the ultimate picture and sound has made its headphones a huge hit in the last couple of years. Its most popular brand by far is Beats by Dr. Dre which is currently one of the hottest brands of headphones on the market. At CES 2012, Monster unveiled its 2012 lineup of headphones. Not only did we at TripTronicTech learn of these new headphones, we got to see each one up close and personal. Here’s a quick synopsis and hands on all six new models.

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Nov 15 2011

Earwax Be Gone!, Says Apple Patent


Grossed out by sharing those gross earwax filled headphones with your friends? Well Apple hears you and is working on some solutions. According to a newly published Apple patent, Apple will most probably add speakers to their nano or shuffle models, without compromising its compact design.

Not surprisingly, the move comes after the declining sales of the iPod line, (last quarter, Apple only sold 6.6 million iPods, a 27 percent decline from the same period in 2010). Apple CEO Time Cook said iPod is a “large and important product” for the company, and hopes that the new features, along with a price drop will breathe new life into iPod sales. But the hopes for new features don’t stop there. According to an industry expert, the new feature “might point to the nano being used to interface with an iOS device”. So, maybe in the near future, the nano might have the power to sync with your iPhone and display text messages and calls directly on its screen. The expert believes that the addition of a speaker alone wouldn’t make any big difference, but believes that more new features like activating Siri might also be even possible.

Well whatever the future holds for the nano, the addition of speakers is definitely exciting for me. I have always wondered why they didn’t bother to put speakers on the newer models of the nano, and now that they are, I definitely think that a lot of people will be excited for this new feature.

Nov 14 2011

Jammin’ With The House Of Marley – Eco Style


Headphones part of the "Positive Vibration" line-up at The House of Marley

The House of Marley – I’m sure not many of you have heard of this brand before, and it’s a pity because they’re quite good, but overshadowed by companies that have been around for a while. In terms of the headphone game, I’d say they’re fairly new, and they show a lot of promise! We got to play around with them at the CES Press Preview in NYC, several days ago, and boy, they’re VERY comfy, and the best part is, or at least I think so, is they’re eco-friendly! While many of you may not care, whether you know it or not, Bob Marley cared about the environment, as well as his family. While these are eco-friendly, you may think they skimped on quality – Absolutely not, as House of Marley delivers premium quality, while offering products that “embody the Marley family’s values of equality, unity, authenticity, sustainability, and charity.”

The headphone offerings come in three line-ups - Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny. Noise isolating in-ear and on-ear headphones, are both available, and the prices range from $39.99 to their most premium headset being a mere $149.99. At this price point and quality, they blow away all low-range/mid-range headphone offerings, and quite possible on par with high-end headphones, but we’ll have a full review before we make anymore assumptions.

If it makes you feel any better, or gives you an incentive, buying from The Marley Group over some other companies, you’d be helping people out, with your purchases. According to The House of Marley, Continue reading

Nov 11 2011

Skullcandy’s Got A Solution To Your Ear Bud Woes – They Won’t Fall Out Anymore


Gone are the days of your ear buds/in-ear headphones always falling out! It’s so frustrating that just a little tug would rip out the ear buds from my ear, but Skullcandy thinks they can counter this problem as well. They’ve released a new line up of what they call, Fix Buds. Straight from Skullcandy’s press release, “The Problem: Ear buds fall out of your ears. The Solution: Ear buds that stay fixed in you years.”

FIX Technology is a new dawn of patent-pending ear bud design. Engineered for a FIXed in-ear fit. Revolutionary Engineering. Evolutionary Sound.

There are a couple different versions we got to check out, the above versions, which we were actually given a pair of. Those will run you just shy of $40 at $39.95; they also have a more premium version, with a different design, as well as some extra perks and accessories, like various silicone gel sizes and a pag friction-free cable. They also differ slightly, as far as the tech specs go, but we don’t know why there’s a $30 differences – we’re going to have to try the premium, Red/Chrome version and let you know in our review. The image below corresponds to the premium version.

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Nov 10 2011

Skullcandy Presents Aviator & Mix Master Headphones


We saw quite a line up at the CES Press Preview in NYC yesterday, and among them, we say our friends over at Skullcandy, and I must say, they had quite an interesting booth! They had earphones on display…holding up bottles of wine – check it out!

 Skullcandy’s got quite a line up, and in the very first picture, what you see is the Aviator series of headphones, which come with a plush carry case. To produce these headphones, Skullcandy collaborated with Roc Nation to create the ultimate combination of high-end class headphones, with plenty of swag. The features on these headphones are pretty sleek too! Some of the tech specs include a speaker diameter of 40 mm, Mylar driver type, a Neodymium magnet type, with a frequency response of 20-20k Hz, 1.3 m, nylon braided cabled, with a gold plated 3.5 mm headphone jack!

The features we really care about are:

  • Platinum sound performance
  • The sexy Aviator-inspired spring hinge.
  • The premium polished surface with a quality fit and finished lens
  • Tangle-free with nylon cables, which have line in music controls and mic controls!
  • A great foldable design for simple, easy storage
  • They also happen to be stainless steel, with aluminum and polycarbonate as well!

There weren’t the only awesome, new headphones Skullcandy had to showcase – we also got a chance to check out the Mix Master headphones! And, boy were they nice and comfy. Continue reading