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Nov 13 2011

Logitech Is Out, But It Looks Like LG’s Coming In – Google TV


Earlier this week, we found out Logitech’s Google TV/Revue was a pretty big fail and Logitech went ahead to say they’ll no longer be releasing new Google TV devices in the foreseeable future. Does that mean the end of Google TV, since one of the major manufacturer is out? Absolutely not, and that’s the beauty of Android and Google in general; it also happens to be a weak spot, in some cases, with a prime example being Android phone fragmentation, but that’s for another time. Well since Google’s open to almost any manufacturer that takes interest, we should be seeing no shortage of Google TV units, anytime soon, and it looks like LG has gained interest, according to Businessweek. LG is one of the biggest TV producers in the world, and they don’t have any iteration of Smart TVs, like Samsung and Vizio (thanks Engadget). If LG decides to go the Google TV route, it could be mutually beneficial. LG will finally have some kind of Smart TV interface, and Google would obtain quite a few Google TV subscribers by extension, provided LG decided to bundle Google TV/build it in, in their future Smart TV line-up, rather than sell it as a separate accessory.

But if LG did decide to involve Google TV in their new Smart TV designs, how will it differ from the Google TV experience on something like the Logitech Revue? Well, with the recently launched update to Google TV, navigation has become simpler and Google TV has become an all around better experience, but it could still use some polish. If LG decides to showcase some kind of iteration of Google TV, I think they will almost “skin” it, or somehow modify Google TV, with the help of Google, to make it an all around better, sleeker, and more pleasant experience. Also, I believe Google will have some great insight for LG, as well as helping as LG almost every step of the way, considering Google’s aware of the fact that if they can get the second biggest TV manufacturer to bundle Google TV, successfully, it would be a huge victory for Google as well. All Google needs to do now, is launch the equivalent of a Droid type marketing campaign as they did with Verizon for Android, but on the TV level with LG. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what we’ll see. I think LG and Google will be the next Verizon and Google in the world of Smart TVs. So will we actually see an LG version of Google TV – yes, I’m sure of it.

Nov 12 2011

Google TV Won’t Be Getting Anymore Love From Logitech!


Google TV, which already lets you browse for what you want to watch, versus flipping through channels and the channel guide, sounds like a great product, but apparently it’s in beta. Well, not really – one of Logitech’s slide, at a Logitech hosted an Analyst and Investor Day, hosted by the CEO, Guerrino De Luca, stated that Google TV was “beta” software, which just isn’t true. Even if it was beta, it would be a non-issue, considering how many og Google’s products are still in beta, and many products that we in beta worked almost flawlessly, one of the prime examples being GMail. What De Luca himself said, directly to investors, was, Logitech’s 2010 Google TV & Logitech Revue launch was ”a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.” According to De Luca, the current plan of action is to let all the Logitech Revue units sell out, with “no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue.”

De Luca feels strongly about Google TV being released prematurely, and accepting some of the faults as their own. Maybe they shouldn’t have taken such a huge risk on “beta” software – he basically called it a massive mistake. Expecting Google TV to lead the revolution in the TV world might have been an overstatement, considering how new the product was. De Luca stated the following -

To make the long story short, we thought we had invented [sliced] bread and we just made them. [We made a commitment to] just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes [at] $300 [...] that was a big mistake.

This “mistake,” apparently cost the company [Logitech] “well over $100M in operating profits.” De Luca does think that Google TV will be great some time in the future, but it’s not ready for the masses at the moment. From what I’ve seen, Google TV looks pretty good, but it would’ve helped if Logitech had better marketing and a lower than $300 price point. Does this mean the end for Google TV? I don’t think so, not at all. CES is just around the corner, and rumor is LG will be playing around with Google TV. We’ll have to wait and see what they have in store, as well as many other companies out there!

via The Verge

Nov 8 2011

Welcome The Galaxy Tab 7.0+ To T-Mobile’s 4G Tablet Portfolio!


We heard about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0+ just a little while ago, in fact, our own Adam is writing the review on it, so stay tuned for that, but now, this baby comes packing with T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+) network! In case you don’t remember, the Galaxy Tab 7.0+  is one of the thinnest and lightest 7-inch tablets on the market, weighing at a mere 0.77 pounds! For $250 on a two-year contract, you can pick it up November 16th!

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Aug 21 2011

Editorial: My Opinion On the Current State of the Tablet Market

Adam Shear

As smartphones became more like mobile computers, many companies saw a hole in the marketplace for something interesting.  Apple was really the first to release a modern tablet PC to the public with the iPad.  Tablet PCs before then usually required styluses and were extensions of laptops.  The iPad proved that the modern tablet is not an extension of the PC but rather a PC on its own.  Taking the words out of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ mouth, a tablet is an in between device which is more sophisticated than a smartphone and does certain tasks better than a computer.  Viewing photos and videos, browsing the web, and reading books are much better to do on a tablet than an actual computer.  The hardware is completely handheld allowing you to hold up the World Wide Web to your face, just as you would when reading a book.  A ten inch screen is the perfect size to differentiate itself from a smartphone and allows for interfaces developers only dreamed of.

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Apr 5 2011

The Android Test Market…?

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

So on our Galaxy S Vibrant today we went to do a routine update of apps from the Android Market, only to discover that, for a completely unknown and frankly bizarre reason, our Android Market is now suddenly the test version we assume is loaded on Android developer’s devices.

At the time we had Market 2.3.4 installed (the latest version) – and our first instinct was to try and fix the error so we could download proper apps again. We simply couldn’t – we tried removing Market data, rebooting the phone several times, removing our Google account, uninstalling Market updates but we were always left with this odd test version of the Market.

Then we figured to take some screenshots to show everyone what the Android Test Market is like.

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Jan 27 2011

Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” Preview

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

As well all know and are aware of, Google is looking to seriously shake up the tablet market with the next edition of their Android mobile operating system – Android 3.0 “Honeycomb.” The first device to launch with the brand new operating system will be the Motorola Xoom, launching sometime next month, but thanks to Google’s preview release of Android 3.0 we can take a look a little earlier.

Unfortunately the Android 3.0 SDK emulator is extremely slow and frustrating to use, but luckily we could handle using it long enough to go over some of the things in it. Despite the slowness of the emulator it appears as though Honeycomb will be pulling some fancy animations while interacting with the user interface – although we couldn’t really tell what the animations fully looked like because we only saw a few frames at best.

There is no doubt though that Android 3.0 will be revolutionary to the tablet market – the UI is looking fantastic and it feels like it will really fit the tablet environment well. At this point in time however there is no option for the emulator other than a 1280×768 (WXGA) display, so whether 3.0 will be coming in a more compact UI to smartphones is still yet to be seen.

Head below for a deeper look into the Honeycomb environment.

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