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Mar 20 2012

Review: The New Apple TV

Adam Shear

While Appl

e has many famous product lines, there is one that hasn’t received as much attention. Apple’s device used to bring iTunes content to your HDTV has gone through significant changes from the first generation model to second generation. The second generation relied completely on streaming video in 720p HD and lacked the bulky, expensive hard drive the first version relied on. It also brought Internet streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. The final major feature the second generation Apple TV brought to the world was AirPlay which allows one to play videos from an iOS device on their big screen TV. Aside from The new iPad, Apple also launched the third generation Apple TV on March 16. This new Apple TV finally brings us streaming video in 1080p HD and an all new user interface. Does the Apple TV deliver as a great set top box or is this tiny black box still a hobby product for Apple enthusiasts?

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Nov 16 2011

Reminder: Tune In To Today’s Google Press Conference!


Hey there! In case you don’t remember, today’s Google’s press conference, entitled, ”These go to eleven.” Apparently, we’ll “Get a look at what’s new from Google and Android, live from Los Angeles.” We think tonight is the night we’ll finally see the Google Music announcement we’re waiting for, and maybe we’ll see a Galaxy Nexus, or some kind of exclusivity for T-Mobile USA, considering T-Mobile was on the Google event invite. Also, T-Mobile has an after party with celebs like Busta’ Rhymes, Drake, and Maroon 5. Check out the live stream above! Let’s see what Google and T-Mobile have in store for us today!

Nov 14 2011

Google’s Down With The Pirates, ARRR


via Neowin

Google’s pretty open with their marketplace and have some pretty controversial apps available for download. The latest controversy is with MP3 Music Downloader Pro, which allows users to search for and download their favorite songs, which can be illegally obtained music or music that is legal to be shared! Now, Google’s retort is along the lines of, we won’t remove this application because it can be used to download legal content, although almost everyone who uses this application uses it to pirate music. The RIAA doesn’t like Google’s stand on this and still demands Google remove this application from the marketplace, but we’re lucky to have people at Google, who are just like us and are willing to stand up for us, whether we’re pirates or not.

However, it’ll be interesting to see if Google keeps this policy considering they plan on releasing their version of Google music. There will be a press conference this Wednesday, in Los Angeles , and T-Mobile will be hosting an after party filled with singers like Drake, Maroon 5, and more. This should be the launch of Google Music as well as, hopefully, the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile USA! We’ll have to sit back, wait and see what Google has in store for this application in the near future, Google Music, AND T-Mobile!


Nov 7 2011

Your iOS 5 Battery Woes Should Be Resolved Soon


iOS 5 is a great update to the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Operating System, adding a refined notification system, speed tweaks, better multitasking, etc, but there were some problems that many people, including my friend face. The battery drain, upon upgrading his iPhone 4, among other iDevices, is significantly elevated after the update to the point that some people now have to travel with their charger. There is already a fix out there, but it’s not open to the public yet. Apple’s 2nd beta update to iOS 5 seemingly gets rid of this battery drain whilst adding some more features like, multitasking gestures to original iPad owners, as well as (via CNet) fixing a security issue with Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2 that would let users gain access to whatever app the owner of that device was running, even if they didn’t know that user’s lockscreen password, along with fixing a bug with documents in Apple’s iCloud service, and voice recognition accuracy for Australian users using Apple’s dictation feature on the iPhone 4S. The general public can expect an update in a “few weeks,” according to Apple PR.

Jun 4 2011

Over The Air Updates iOS 5? It’s About Time…


With WWDC just around the corner, some interesting information leaked out, courtesy of Mac Rumors. With devices like Android phones getting OTA (Over The Air) updates, whether it’s contact sync, pictures, music, docs, so on and so forth, Apple’s lagging behind. In order to sync and update an i-Device, like the iPhone, you must start and do everything using a computer and iTunes. However, some of that may change.


The updates page for iTunes stated:

“Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.”


This was promptly removed, but it’d lead one to believe that you might be able to update your iPhone to a newer firmware OTA, which is really helpful, in the near future. Maybe, or I should say hopefully, we can start syncing music, pictures, and such OTA as well! Now that’d be awesome!

Aug 30 2010

Best Music Player #2: iTunes

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

The second in our Best Music Player series is here and today we’ll be taking a look at Apple’s iTunes music player. iTunes is a music player you’ve all heard of – it’s one of the most used music players available thanks to Apple’s iPod and iPhone range and marketing for their products.

iTunes was announced back in 2001 and started out as a Mac OS 9-only application until it was available for OS X from version 2.0. The latest version, 9.2 (the one used for today’s article) was released along with the release of iOS 4.0 and the iPhone 4, adding support for both. You can download iTunes from Apple’s website now.

One of the most annoying things about iTunes that you notice before you install the application is the massive file size for the download. With a size of 93 MB it’s just ridiculous that there is also a separate installer for those of you running 64-bit Windows like us, the download link of which is hidden in the fine print down the left hand side.

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