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Aug 24 2012

T-Mobile Actually Has a Real “4G” Unlimited Plan


Well, we all know that all carriers often advertise and love to chant “Unlimited 4G” in their various commercials and adverts, but it was never really “real.” I thought it would always merely by a facade, but T-Mobile recently made it real – yeah, t

hat means no more changing one’s download speed to Edge or 2G after hitting a certain data threshold or limit!

Wednesday, T-Mobile announced a new data plan, simply known as, Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, and gave us all hope for a fast, cap-less internet experience on our devices once again. This new data plan can be added and kicks in on September 5th, and will throw you back $20 a month when being bundled with a Value voice and text plan or $30 a month, when added to one of the Classic voice and text plan. An example of what a bill may look like, directly from T-Mobile:

A single line Value plan with unlimited talk and Continue reading

Nov 28 2011

LG Nitro HD: High Definition Taken to New Sizes

Eric Engoron

It’s about time AT&T users got the full HD experience, is it not? Well after a long wait, their HD opportunity has finally arrived in the LG Nitro HD, an amazingly clear HD phone from LG exclusively for AT&T customers.

Aside from being a completely HD phone, with an impressive 4.5 inch HD screen, this phone is also the third phone in AT&T’s line of 4G LTE phones. As the AT&T 4G LTE network continuously expands, so do the possibilities.

An enormous screen size and blazing fast 4G LTE speeds are not all this phone has to offer. The LG Nitro HD also has a 1.5-gigahertz dual-core processor that allows you to take full advantage of the phone’s HD capabilities, an eight-megapixel camera, as well as 20 gigs of storage, for all your favorite apps and games.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the LG Nitro HD boasts an incredibly slim and light design, something that cannot be said for any other smartphone of this caliber.

The LG Nitro HD comes to the market on December 4th for a price of $249.99 with a two-year contract. Pick yours up ASAP.

Nov 22 2011

Black Friday Deals From Verizon


Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile phone company in the US, wants to share the wealth with everybody this holiday season, and the deals start sooner than you think. Starting this Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving), HTC and Verizon are unveiling an amazing deal featuring a brand new bright red Droid Incredible 2. The phone, with worldwide capabilities, is free exclusively on Verizon’s website for three days only, the previously mentioned 24, 25 and 28, following a new two-year customer agreement plan.The deal for the  Incredible 2 is also coming to stores for, but will only be free on the 25, which is  Black Friday, following a $50 dollar mail-in rebate and new customer contract. Motorola is also offering their new Droid 3 for $149.99 after a $50 rebate and new contract between November 24-28.

Those looking for a high speed 4G-LTE phone have something to look forward to also, as the RevolutionT by LG is receiving a deal similar to the Droid 3 and the Incredible 2. It will be available  for $49.99 with a new two-year customer agreement online only on Nov. 24, 25 and 28. The Revolution by LG will also have this pricing deal, but is only available in Verizon Wireless Communication Stores on Black Friday. Another 4G phone, the Pantech BreakouT will have the same pricing, and will be available between Nov. 24 and Nov. 28.

Those looking for Tablets can take advantage of this as well, because on November 24, 25 and 28, the 4G-LTE Motorola XOOM will be available online at a special holiday pricing of $199.99 with a purchase of a new two year service package and $30 2GB data package. The in-store promotion is only on Black Friday. Also, the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy TabT will be available online for $149.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year customer agreement between Nov. 24 and Nov. 28. Continue reading

Nov 22 2011

Verizon & Samsung Announce The Samsung Illuision


Samsung Mobile and Verizon Wireless services announced their newest Android phone today: the Samsung Illusion.

The Illusion, powered by Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” featuring support for Google Mobile services including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Talk will boast a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird Application Processor, a 3.0 Megapixel camera, and access to the Android Marketplace. It will have a sleek form factor with a unique curved glass display, all while running on the Nation’s Most Reliable 3G Network.

Inside the Illusion is also a full suite of messaging options; SWYPE technology for faster and easier text messaging, Corporate email support for Microsoft Office Exchange. You’ll also get mobile hotspot capability, a 6-axis accelerometer with compass, and a microSD card slot with 2GB pre-installed.

Samsung has also added some additional features with specifically the environment in mind, these include an Underwriters Laboratories Platinum Rating; Making the rear casing, battery cover, and front casing from a majority of post-consumer material; Packaging made from bleach-free paper made from %60 post-consumer waste. It also includes a high-efficiency charger with a full-charge alarm.


You can look for the Samsung Illusion on beginning November 23rd and will be made free for new two-year contract customers from Thursday, November 24th to Monday, November 28th as an online promotion, after which it will be 79.99 with a new two-year agreement. Continue reading

Jun 18 2011

T-Mobile and the Need for Speed

Eric Engoron


This 4G Network Just got Faster

In recent months, T-Mobile has received many complaints aboutits choppy 4G network, which seemingly does not even stand a chance against Verizon’s 4G/LTE network. However, on Thursday June 16th, T-Mobile announced that they would be doubling the speed of their 4G network in more than 100 cities to give it a fighting chance among worthy competitors.
In this announcement T-Mobile also announced that by July of 2011 more that 150 million Americans will have access to their improved 4G network by utilizing an impressive line up of phones including: The Galaxy S 4G, HTC Sensation, The T-Mobile G2x, and many more. Let’s hope that T-Mobile can deliver.

Source: [Statement: T-Mobile’s 4G Network Now Even Faster in More Than 100 Markets Across the Country]

May 30 2011

Review: You’d Think With A Name Like Thunderbolt It Would Be Able To Hold A Charge

Eric Engoron

The Thunderbolt itself


In blazing fashion, Verizon’s first 4G/LTE phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, makes a great first impression. Its sleek and substantial body mixed with its incredibly fast processor and speed do this phone great justice. However, it is not without faults. Continue reading

May 25 2011

AT&T’s Speeding Through Five Cities With 4G!


Just when you thought 4G wars were over, AT&T’s John Stankey announced AT&T’s initial 4G and LTE (Long Term Evolution) markets.

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • San Antonio

LTE from AT&T is scheduled to roll out this summer, with 10 more markets by the year’s end, reaching approximately 70 million customers!

Now the question is, when will we see some new LTE devices? And will the new iPhone be LTE, provided it releases on AT&T? Stay tuned!

You can find the full press release below -

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