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Jun 14 2012

Jammin’ Review: Positive Vibration Headphones by The House of Marley


Music is everywhere, and it’s a party of everyone’s life nowadays. Unlike the late 80s and early 90s, many people are no longer carrying a loud, disposable battery powered boombox, playing a mix tape their significant other oh so lovingly made for them. Today, for the most part, it’s all about the headphones – it’s hard to go outside nowadays without seeing someone with out headphones on, listening to music. And with this music revolution, you can be sure there are many varieties of headphones, from in earphones to on ear headphones, ranging from prices like $5 – several thousand dollars! But with so many headphones, how can one be sure which pair to purchase – aren’t they all the same, made for the same purpose? Alas, it’s not that easy, and in a way, that’s good because if it wasn’t for me trying out various headphones, I’d never discover the House of Marley headphones. Ever since I’ve seen a demo of them at CES 2012 & started using them, I’m in love, and my music sounds better than before, when I was using a nice pair of Sennheisers. The House of Marley offers a plethora of headphones, with options for many types of listeners, with many different comfort options, and the best part is, unlike many other “high-end” headphone companies, Continue reading

Nov 17 2011

T-Mobile Celebrating Launch of Google Music With Exclusive Deals


Google Music, the highly anticipated new application from Google, has been available in beta form since it’s launch back in May of this year. The service awards every user with Cloud storage space of up to 20,000 songs, and enables instant streaming from any web source, or through any Android tablet or smartphone device. Streaming is available on any Android device running Wi-FI, 3G or 4G.

The service has now officially gone public, and to celebrate, T-Mobile has partnered with Google to present an amazing offer to their customers. Every subscriber with a smartphone or tablet that is running Android 2.2 or higher will receive free new music releases every week from some of today’s most mainstream artists through the brand new Google Music online store. Right now, there is free content available from Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes, and it has been announced that every week through the rest of the year a handful of new music will be added to this list. There is also an option to share your music directly with your circles on Google+,where followers can listen to a full song once directly from your profile.

The new service is live right now, so anybody with T-Mobile should take full advantage of this while it lasts. Unfortunately, for the time being Google Music is only available in the United States, and there has been no official announcement for expansion to other territories.

For people on the fence about getting a smartphone, will this new deal inspire you to get a T-Mobile Android device? For those with a T-Mobile Android, does the service work as well as advertised? Are there any bugs or issues with downloading? Let us know in the comments below.


Official Press Release 

Nov 16 2011

Reminder: Tune In To Today’s Google Press Conference!


Hey there! In case you don’t remember, today’s Google’s press conference, entitled, ”These go to eleven.” Apparently, we’ll “Get a look at what’s new from Google and Android, live from Los Angeles.” We think tonight is the night we’ll finally see the Google Music announcement we’re waiting for, and maybe we’ll see a Galaxy Nexus, or some kind of exclusivity for T-Mobile USA, considering T-Mobile was on the Google event invite. Also, T-Mobile has an after party with celebs like Busta’ Rhymes, Drake, and Maroon 5. Check out the live stream above! Let’s see what Google and T-Mobile have in store for us today!

Nov 14 2011

Google’s Down With The Pirates, ARRR


via Neowin

Google’s pretty open with their marketplace and have some pretty controversial apps available for download. The latest controversy is with MP3 Music Downloader Pro, which allows users to search for and download their favorite songs, which can be illegally obtained music or music that is legal to be shared! Now, Google’s retort is along the lines of, we won’t remove this application because it can be used to download legal content, although almost everyone who uses this application uses it to pirate music. The RIAA doesn’t like Google’s stand on this and still demands Google remove this application from the marketplace, but we’re lucky to have people at Google, who are just like us and are willing to stand up for us, whether we’re pirates or not.

However, it’ll be interesting to see if Google keeps this policy considering they plan on releasing their version of Google music. There will be a press conference this Wednesday, in Los Angeles , and T-Mobile will be hosting an after party filled with singers like Drake, Maroon 5, and more. This should be the launch of Google Music as well as, hopefully, the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile USA! We’ll have to sit back, wait and see what Google has in store for this application in the near future, Google Music, AND T-Mobile!


Nov 10 2011

Skullcandy Presents Aviator & Mix Master Headphones


We saw quite a line up at the CES Press Preview in NYC yesterday, and among them, we say our friends over at Skullcandy, and I must say, they had quite an interesting booth! They had earphones on display…holding up bottles of wine – check it out!

 Skullcandy’s got quite a line up, and in the very first picture, what you see is the Aviator series of headphones, which come with a plush carry case. To produce these headphones, Skullcandy collaborated with Roc Nation to create the ultimate combination of high-end class headphones, with plenty of swag. The features on these headphones are pretty sleek too! Some of the tech specs include a speaker diameter of 40 mm, Mylar driver type, a Neodymium magnet type, with a frequency response of 20-20k Hz, 1.3 m, nylon braided cabled, with a gold plated 3.5 mm headphone jack!

The features we really care about are:

  • Platinum sound performance
  • The sexy Aviator-inspired spring hinge.
  • The premium polished surface with a quality fit and finished lens
  • Tangle-free with nylon cables, which have line in music controls and mic controls!
  • A great foldable design for simple, easy storage
  • They also happen to be stainless steel, with aluminum and polycarbonate as well!

There weren’t the only awesome, new headphones Skullcandy had to showcase – we also got a chance to check out the Mix Master headphones! And, boy were they nice and comfy. Continue reading

Jul 17 2011

Preview: Spotify- The Next Revolution in Music is Here

Adam Shear

The music industry has dramatically changed thanks to the power of the Internet.  The first stepping stone to this change was iTunes and the iPod which transformed buying and storing music into a completely digital experience.  Then, the introduction of Internet radio services like Pandora and allowed users to discover music in a whole new way based on genres and artists they enjoy.  There are also music streaming services like Rhapsody and Zune Pass which allow you to listen to an unlimited amount of songs on their database for a monthly fee.  These streaming services have never really caught on but Spotify may be the first to attract many consumers.  Spotify perfects the music streaming service and goes above and beyond to deliver an incredible experience to its customers, not to mention, it’s completely free to stream!

Continue reading