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Nov 16 2011

Taking The Hassle Out Of Data Transfer – Presenting CloudFTP

Eric Engoron

Have you ever wanted to take data off of a USB and put it on your iPad, iPhone, or any other wireless device? If you have, you know that this process is a hassle that involves your computer as a middleman to bridge the USB and your device, and then you have to do all that tedious dragging and dropping. However, CloudFTP, a kickstarter project by the Sanho Corporation, promises to be a game changer that eliminates the middleman.

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Oct 24 2011

Samsung Plans To Transform Your Life At Little Cost

Adam Shear

Low end Android phones are just getting better every year.  Samsung is offering a great one on Sprint called the Samsung Transform Ultra.  This affordable phone will feature a 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen alongside a full QWERTY keyboard shown above, a 1GHz processor, and the usage of Sprint’s EVDO Rev. A 3G network.  While the phone runs Gingerbread, you can also customize the phone to your needs with Sprint ID which offers more wallpaper, widgets, apps, and more.  The Transform Ultra also includes Wi-Fi, GPS, 2 GB of internal storage with MicroSD cards compatible up to 32 GB, a 1500 mAh Li-ION battery, and as a surprise, aside from a 3 MP camera on the back, there is also a front facing camera.

The Samsung Transform Ultra sounds like a great, affordable solution for those looking to do some video chatting on their smartphone.  Hopefully it is less than $99 which is what the iPhone 4 costs.  The iPhone 4 does have similar specs to this phone but making the Transform Ultra cheaper will definitely attract more people to it.  No price or date was announced so stay tuned to TripTronicTech for that information as it arrives. Continue reading

Oct 23 2011

Microsoft Making Money…From Android?


The behemoth of a company, Microsoft. Image courtesy of CNet

Well, it looks like Google isn’t the only company making money off their Android Operating System…Microsoft is too. Yeah, that’s right, Microsoft. Due to patenting issues that Android is in violation of, Microsoft wants some money, and rather than going after Google directly, they’re going after the manufacturers. Not only are they going after the manufacturers rather Google, they’re working with manufacturers to come an agreement, simply because they know they can make more money of agreements with these manufacturers, rather than fighting against Google, in court, about the Android OS.

Today, we learned, via CNet, Microsoft signed another hardware maker to a patent-protection deal, marking the milestone of having half the world’s original design manufacturers on board with its Android-Chrome licensing effort. This deal was signed with China-based Compal Electronics. Basically what will now happen is, Compal will pay royalties to Microsoft for any hardware, tablet, smartphone, or any other consumer electronic that uses Google’s Android or Chrome Operating System. This isn’t the first company Microsoft has signed deals with; others include Wistron, based in Taiwan – they handle contract manufacturing related to Chrome, and Quanta computer. Not only do they have agreements with these companies, they’re not suing Google, but in fact, they’re suing Barnes and Noble over the Nook and Motorola as well, over Android related patent infringements! You gotta hand it to Microsoft, rather than suing for patent violation, they’re banking on the success! $

Jun 6 2011

Review: With Android And 4G, That Familiar Looking Device Is Back – The Sidekick 4G!


Ah the sidekick – I remember seeing these bad boys around several years ago, instead of these fancy smancy iPhones and Android phones, back when it was only the business men who actually used the blackberry devices. Many of my friends who had the sidekick, had either the sidekick 3, Sidekick ID, Sidekick LX, and rarely the Sidekick Slide. I can clearly remember several people carrying a phone they used on a family plan, along with a secondary Sidekick on a prepaid plan; it was that popular! People would go out of there way to get the Sidekick, even if they had a phone! The time of the Sidekick Slide was when I saw the amount of people using Sidekicks decreasing significantly. This was most probably due to the fact that the original iPhone released late 2007!

These original Sidekick devices were made by Sharp/Danger, for the most part, running DangerOS. DangerOS was pretty advanced for its time; it was essentially all over the cloud. However, there were some hiccups along the way. Several times the servers went down causing Sidekick owners to loose their data and ALL their contact information. DangerOS was actually owned by Microsoft at this time, but the Sidekick name still belonged to T-Mobile, whereas Microsoft went of and created their version of the Sidekick, the Kin One and Kin Two, which ultimately failed. While support for these original Sidekicks ended May 31st, 2011, T-Mobile introduced a new, Android powered, Samsung made, Sidekick 4G! Continue reading

May 26 2011

HTC says goodbye to locked bootloaders!


Quietly keeping their customers!

HTC has been an obvious front-runner in the sales of Android devices for a while now, and it makes sense too. HTC did in fact release the first Android phone with Google, the T-Mobile G1, as well as the Google branded Nexus One. Today, HTC continues to churn out high quality, powerhouse super phones, which are among the reasons people like HTC as much as they do. A big portion of these people include the Android developing, hacking, and modding community. Although the quality and performance is great, another reason many modders, which includes a very big portion of the Android community, like HTC is because they allow you to unlock the phone’s bootloader.

What is a bootloader? The bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any Operating System (OS) is running, which is used actually used to boot up said Operating System. They [bootloaders] also control the different ways to boot the Operating System’s kernel, as well as containing commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment, according to Tel Aviv University. Continue reading

Apr 21 2011

Review: The Sexy Samsung Galaxy S – T-Mobile Vibrant


SGSVibrantThe Samsung Galaxy S Series have been out for quite a bit now, and these 4 inch beasts (No pun intended) sold over 10 million in seven months; now that’s impressive.

The Galaxy S Series has been an impressive line of devices from the start, with it’s impressive internals, and a sexy screen. Originally, it was just one device that was shown of many times at events like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), but it was changed physically for different carriers.

The Galaxy S was and is extremely popular in the US; Samsung even got Google to base the Nexus S on the Galaxy S Series! The original SGS (Samsung Galaxy S) didn’t release on any of the four major carriers in the US. Eventually,  Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint did get the SGS, however, with some variations. The main variations were things such as, the removal of a FFC (Front Facing Camera) (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon), an addition of a physical keyboard (Sprint), change in physical shape, and a camera flash (Verizon, Sprint). Continue reading

Apr 13 2011

[Android]TrueCaller: Instant Caller ID




No matter how private I try to keep my number, people seem to get my number somehow, in one way or another. This is fine, as long as


it’s not always a prank call, but what I dislike the most, is when I pick up and nobody talks! For some reason, I have to call that number back, unless it’s private; then I wait and hope they call again, so I know who it is. If I don’t find out, it irks me. Then, someone mentioned an advanced Caller ID application available for free on the Android Market called, TrueCaller (with a paid version containing more features.) I jumped on this as soon as I could. I thought this was the caller ID app I was looking for.


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