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Nov 6 2011

WP7 Requirements Stealthily Updated


Unlike Android, when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, they also announced a certain number of requirements the phone must have, before Microsoft would give the green light. Many people speculated as to why this is. Personally, I think it’s to avoid slow/low end phones that would provide a sluggish, bad WP7 experience, defaming the name of Microsoft’s new handheld OS. To be quite honest, I think this is a good idea because Google’s openness, while good, could use some requirements. There are way to too many low end Android devices being produced, degrading the overall Android experience, and if Google wants to keep their customers and gain new customers, they’re going to have to do something about this soon.

The WP7 requirements are, a standard set of buttons, WVGA (800 x 480) display, cell and Wi-Fi connectivity, at least 256 MB of RAM, and at least 8 GB of storage. However, what now changed is, the requirement for a camera. A camera is no longer a requirement for WP7 devices, and one could speculate this is so that companies like Nokia can offer these devices in low end markets, and removing the camera would cut cost. Also, camera-less devices could be used in government work.

Oct 31 2011

HTC Will Be Having A Press Conference This Thrusday, And We’ll Be There Live!


Well, if you don’t know already, HTC will be having another press conference in NYC, this Thursday, November 3rd. We’ll be there covering it live! We will try to get a good live blog going, but if we can’t get a sophisticated self-refreshing live blog going, we’ll try to do something as good! Stay tuned! Could this be the HTC Rezound we’ve seen leaked Verizon ads for? The invite sports the Beats by Dre logo, as well as the Rezound advertisement.

In case you don’t remember, the HTC Rezound specs are said to include -

  • Red on the inside like the Droid Incredible.
  • 4G LTE access.
  • 16GB microSD card installed.
  • Comes with a car charger.
  • HTC bootup screen.
  • Beats audio splash screen.
  • Box calls it HTC Vigor.
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.
  • 1GB memory on board.
  • 4.3″ 720 touchscreen.
  • 8MP front camera.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Android 2.3.4. HTC Sense 3.5.

Oct 24 2011

Want Some Mango Love? T-Mobile’s Got You On Their Radar!


HTC Radar for TMOUSAnnouncing the Radar 4G some time ago, T-Mobile never provided us with a release date, until today…via Facebook. To refresh, the HTC Radar 4G features Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Mango, also known as WP7 version 7.5. Under the hood, we’ve got a 1 GHZ Snapdragon CU, 5 MP rear camera with T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+) network, all packed under a 3.8 screen. The Radar will run you a mere $100 bucks, after $50 dollar rebate, but the downside is, this is on a two year contract… This phone looks rather nice; you can look forward to our review of it soon! You can pick this puppy up starting as early as November 2nd!

Purchase via T-Mobile’s HTC Radar Page, now!

Jul 17 2011

Preview: Spotify- The Next Revolution in Music is Here

Adam Shear

The music industry has dramatically changed thanks to the power of the Internet.  The first stepping stone to this change was iTunes and the iPod which transformed buying and storing music into a completely digital experience.  Then, the introduction of Internet radio services like Pandora and allowed users to discover music in a whole new way based on genres and artists they enjoy.  There are also music streaming services like Rhapsody and Zune Pass which allow you to listen to an unlimited amount of songs on their database for a monthly fee.  These streaming services have never really caught on but Spotify may be the first to attract many consumers.  Spotify perfects the music streaming service and goes above and beyond to deliver an incredible experience to its customers, not to mention, it’s completely free to stream!

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Jun 21 2011

One Last Shot: Nokia N9, N950 Revealed in Singapore


Nokia decides to take another shot at it. Nokia today introduced the Nokia N9 and the Nokia N950. These two powerhouse phones definitely make their mark in the market but that won’t be enough to wow android and iOS users. The nokia N9 will be the last device that is going to run on MeeGo, a Linux based operating system. Has a 3.9 inch Amoled screen with 854×480 displays, and a 8 mega pixel Carl Zeiss back camera. Supports HD recording and comes with a 16GB or 64GB hard drive. As usual, packs Nokia maps and free GPS. The device has access to the Ovi Store, but for how long will that last? Nokia couldn’t have said good bye to Linux in any better way other than a great smartphone. Windows is taking over the OS for Nokia, the days where Symbian, Maemo had ruled Nokia. Nokia though is in for a tough time as it competes against Android and iOS.

Jun 1 2011

Windows 8 Preview!


While some of us are still rockin’ good old Windows XP, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 at D9 and released a video about it and some of its features. Windows 8, which is merely a code name, now has the Metro UI you would recognize from Windows Phone 7 – a tile type of interface. According to the video, there’ll be two interface types, the traditional windows desktop we’re used to, as well as the new HTML5 and Javascript based interface, reminiscent of its mobile platform, WP7. Continue reading

May 31 2011

Review: HTC HD7 – Microsoft’s At It Again!

Adam Shear

These days there are so many smartphones to choose from but most people only pick one and stick with it for about two years or until their contract expires.  Between iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and WebOS, there’s so many operating systems to choose from.  The newest fighter in the ring is Windows Phone 7 which does some different and interesting things in comparison to its competitors.  The HTC HD7 is clearly the most over the top device running Windows Phone 7 as of right now.  Does the HTC HD7 have a chance of defeating its opponents or is this new operating system still learning the ropes? Continue reading

Apr 26 2011

HTC 7 Mozart review: WP7 enacased in unibody

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

The HTC 7 Mozart is one of the initial launch products packing Windows Phone 7, and is designed to fit the bulk of users: no keyboard to add heft and bulk, and not too large of a screen to increase the overall footprint of the device. Packed with some decent specifications including a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Mozart comes as a mid/high-end device and is more than capable of suiting WP7.

We have with us today Australia’s Telstra Next-G version of the Mozart, packing 850/2100 GSM bands, not only to give Windows Phone 7 a proper and thorough review for the first time, but also to check out the hardware of HTC’s unibody candybar device.

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Apr 25 2011

Windows Phone 7 Review: Slick but Lacking

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

Microsoft for a considerable time had been a major player in the mobile market with the Windows Mobile series up to the tried and trusted Windows Mobile 6. However with the launch of the iPhone and it’s OS (now known as iOS) and Android afterwards, Microsoft could no longer keep up with the times with the quickly dating WM6. Solution? Windows Phone 7

Originally to be Windows Mobile 7, Windows Phone 7 launched on October 21 2010 with a slew of handsets, but it launched into a market that was crushing of late entrants with iOS and Android already firmly in the race. For the first time since the launch, we sit down with Windows Phone 7 and give a detailed review of Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system

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Apr 11 2011

Quick Contacts for WP7 review

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

For the first Windows Phone 7 app review at Tech From 10 we’re taking a look at Quick Contacts, a simple application that allows you to create a short list of your most used contacts. From the list you can call, email or text them via a quick press of a button – and it’s all styled to look like Windows Phone 7.

Quick Contacts, available for free on the Marketplace, is really quite simple to use. Simply press the plus button to add contacts, entering their basic details, which then creates a square similar to a live tile inside the app with buttons for each of the three actions the Contacts app can perform.

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