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Nov 27 2011

Documents to Go: Productivity in Your Pocket

Eric Engoron

With smartphones becoming more and more popular among teenagers, they have begun to lose their true meaning, productivity on the go. In an attempt to bring back the productive side of smartphones, DataViz inc. has released Documents to Go, an app that aims to be Microsoft office in your pocket, and succeeds in being so.

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Jun 7 2011

Quick Look: JuiceDefender For Android: Superman Of Struggling Batteries


JuiceDefender is probably the best battery saver app for Android and Ios. It is available on the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Having been the owner of an iPhone and a Android phone, I can say from both perspectives that this app will give you the most bang for your buck. JuiceDefender comes in many different versions. Basic, Ultra, and Ultimate just to name a few. Basic is free and comes with barely any features while Ultra and Ultimate make the app worth it. I use Ultimate and it’s the best money anyone will spend on an app. My MyTouch 4G couldn’t go through 7 hours of easy use before it said connect charger, now with the app, the battery life has increased more than twice and lasts me about a whole day’s worth of HEAVY USAGE! The reason behind this magnificent achievement is simple: It controls WiFi and Data usage. Believe it or not WiFi drains battery life. Many disagree. On average WiFi can exhaust about 35% of your battery if WiFi radio is left on. Us humans don’t have the time to keep switching the WiFi button on/off so the app does it for us, whenever we are not using it. This app is definitely worth the money.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½ 9.5/10

Apr 13 2011

[Android]TrueCaller: Instant Caller ID




No matter how private I try to keep my number, people seem to get my number somehow, in one way or another. This is fine, as long as


it’s not always a prank call, but what I dislike the most, is when I pick up and nobody talks! For some reason, I have to call that number back, unless it’s private; then I wait and hope they call again, so I know who it is. If I don’t find out, it irks me. Then, someone mentioned an advanced Caller ID application available for free on the Android Market called, TrueCaller (with a paid version containing more features.) I jumped on this as soon as I could. I thought this was the caller ID app I was looking for.


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Apr 13 2011

[Android]Astrid Task/Todo List


Astrid Icon

Are you like me and can’t remember half the things you need to do, without some sort of list that constantly reminds you? Fear not, you’re not alone, and Todoroo, Inc. knows that. With Astrid, an open source to-do list/task manager, getting your tasks done at specific times is now effortless.


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Mar 14 2011

Cordy Review – Fun 3D Android platforming

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

The Android Market is relatively empty when it comes to well made 3D games, and when you find one that not only packs 3D fun but is also free for all, you just have to check it out. Cordy, a little robot on a quest to gain the simple power to unlock doors, is just that and perhaps a little bit extra.

The game itself is a simple, yet extremely fun and beautiful to look at 3D platforming/puzzle game utilizing the Unity3D engine for Android. While the game is still in its early stages with only a handful of levels, we couldn’t resist to install it on our device and give it the full video review treatment – check it out below.

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Jan 3 2011

ConvertXtoDVD 4 Review

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

VSO Software’s ConvertXtoDVD is an extremely handy utility that allows you to convert almost any format video to be played on a standard DVD player. It converts, encodes, burns and even creates menus for your DVD including chapters and more.

ConvertXtoDVD is available in two versions – a free trial edition for evaluation purposes that watermarks your converted DVDs and a US$49.99 paid edition that removes this watermark. You can download or purchase ConvertXtoDVD now at the VSO Software website along with numerous other media-related software tools.

The claims are already made by the developers: the software produces excellent quality DVDs with a fast conversion rate and heaps of codecs are supported. Today, we’re putting all of those elements of ConvertXtoDVD to trial to see if it’s worth your time and money.

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