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Dec 2 2011

Editorial: The iPad and Education, A Truly Revolutionary Concept

Adam Shear

The times are a changing and while technology advances, education for the most part remains the same.  Technology has always helped students learn in new ways and expand what can actually be done in the classroom.  Computers have been a revolution for the classroom in so many ways but there is one product that can do so much more than a stationary desktop.  The tablet PC is very new and leaders in education are only starting to tap into what this powerful device can do.  As a pilot program or as a device specifically assigned to each student, the tablet might be the most significant revolution to the classroom ever.

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Dec 1 2011

The HAL-5: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Eric Engoron

The HAL-5

Have you ever wanted to lift something that you couldn’t? Have you ever wanted to become stronger than you are in the blink of an eye? Japanese Company Cyberdyne aims to answer your prayers with the HAL-5, an exoskeleton robot that makes you stronger as you wear it.

The Hybrid-Assistive Limb 5 is an exoskeleton robot developed by Japanese Company Cyberdyne. Intended to be used to help the elderly and disabled function normally, this exoskeleton robot amplifies the electrical signals in your nerve cells, thereby making you two to ten times stronger. In one 50.7 pound (23 kg) suit, one could potentially raise their strength to superhuman levels.

This suit’s abilities can also be applied to jobs that require heavy lifting such as industrial work and jobs that require physical endurance, among other applications. While this technology was developed with good intentions, if this technology were to fall into the wrong hands, the world as we know it would change.

Imagine a world in which an army used this technology to become superpowered. Their destructive force can be taken to new and terrible heights. There is a crucial difference between being able to lift 400 pounds and 4000 pounds. When this exoskeleton robot is eventually released, mankind will be tested. Will this technology remain the savior of rehabilitation in the medical world? Will this technology be used to save lives by lifting beams in collapsing buildings? Or, will this technology be used for destruction? Only time will tell.

The HAL-5 will be released in hospitals around Japan in 2012 for preliminary testing and will be released to the public by 2015. If you have always wanted to have super strength, this could be the technology you’ve been waiting for. However, I caution you that with great power comes great responsibility.

Nov 26 2011

Editorial: The Bright Future of Siri

Adam Shear

With the iPhone 4S, Apple has brought a magical new feature to separate this new iPhone from the rest, Siri. Originally being an application, Apple bought the company Siri not too long ago after their voice recognition app, which was deleted off of the App Store recently, became a success. From there, it was obvious that Siri would go from being an impressive app to being a native part of the iOS experience. I might have not said too many good things about Siri in my iPhone 4S review, but my opinions really have changed since then. I am now always able to access Siri and no longer get error messages saying that Siri cannot connect to the network. Kudos to Apple on fixing that. Siri also feels more accurate as I have noticed a few less errors when I use it.

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Nov 6 2011

Review: Samsung Epic 4G Touch – It’s Pretty Epic


Samsung has released their top selling Samsung Galaxy S II American side, and we have it!

The Hardware

From just looking at the phone and looking at a 360 degree view of the phone, you will see the monster 4.52 inch 480×800 Super AMOLED Plus screen with four touch sensitive (capacitive) buttons – Menu, Home, Back, and Search. Also on the front, you have a nice 2MP front facing camera.  Turning the phone to the right, you will see a single button; this is the Power/Lock button for the phone. On the back side you will see the brilliant 8MP, 3264×2448 pixels, auto focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization camera, that also records at 1080P, at 30 frames per second! The back feels rough and grainy, which is a nice feel as it prevents the phone from slipping through your hand(s). The speaker is also located on the bottom left and back side of the phone. On the right side you will see two buttons, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Located on top of the phone, you will see a 3.5mm headphone jack, and on the bottom of the phone, you will see the microUSB port for charging and connecting to the computer. And when taking off the back cover of the phone, you will see Samsung added a 1800mAh batttery. Continue reading

Oct 27 2011

Some New Details About The Motorola Mobility – Google Merger & Motorola Mobility Third Quarter Financial Results


Today, Motorola announce their third quarter financial results. Motorola reported 3.3 billion dollars in revenue, but an overall net loss of 32 million dollars.

Buried lower, among those details were some tidbits about the proposed Google + Motorola Mobility merger. Under the merger update, Moto stated,

On Aug. 15, 2011, Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. and Google Inc. announced a definitive agreement for Google to acquire Motorola Mobility. The transaction was unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies and is subject to customary closing conditions, including various regulatory approvals, and the approval of Motorola Mobility’s stockholders.

Both Google’s and Motorola Mobility’s board of directors are pro-merger and want this deal to clear, but it’s not that easy. This merger has to go through various approvals, such as the AT&T – T-Mobile USA merger. It must be approved by various regulatory agencies, and the fact that Motorola Mobility owns a few licenses that are under the FCC’s jurisdiction, the company will have to apply to transfer those licenses over to Google, therefore, the FCC will have a say in this, but the FCC isn’t the only major agency who has somewhat of a say in this, the Department of Justice has to approve this deal! Lastly,  this deal needs to be approved by the company shareholders! After all, these stockholders have a stake in this company, and their opinion matters, but I think it’s safe to assume the stockholders would approve of this, at least the majority. The special stockholders meeting, held by Motorola Mobility, will be taking place Nov. 17, 2011, and to determine which shareholders exactly have a vote, the record date for determining those eligible to vote was Oct. 11, 2011. Continue reading

Sep 6 2011

Predictions: What is the iPhone 5?

Adam Shear

The picture above revealed by the popular Apple fan site MacRumors shows specs from a case manufacturer of what they think the iPhone 5 will look like.  This should already give you a pretty good idea of what it might be like.  Case manufacturers no longer receive specifications from Apple before the release of one of their products.  They have to guess and make good relationships with inside sources in order to predict what Apple will do next.  Considering their business depends on these predictions, this design above might be very real.  Apple could add a lot to this new iPhone.  Many are saying it’s just a minor upgrade such as the one from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.  Others are saying that this will be a major release with plenty of new features and upgrades.  These are my personal predictions as to what will iPhone 5 will be like, when it will release, when it will be announced, and when Apple will release iOS 5, the newest software upgrade also coming to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the third and fourth generation iPod Touch, and all iPad models.  Just to remind you, everything you read below are just my predictions.  My predictions are not fact although I do use facts to back myself up.

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Aug 21 2011

Editorial: My Opinion On the Current State of the Tablet Market

Adam Shear

As smartphones became more like mobile computers, many companies saw a hole in the marketplace for something interesting.  Apple was really the first to release a modern tablet PC to the public with the iPad.  Tablet PCs before then usually required styluses and were extensions of laptops.  The iPad proved that the modern tablet is not an extension of the PC but rather a PC on its own.  Taking the words out of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ mouth, a tablet is an in between device which is more sophisticated than a smartphone and does certain tasks better than a computer.  Viewing photos and videos, browsing the web, and reading books are much better to do on a tablet than an actual computer.  The hardware is completely handheld allowing you to hold up the World Wide Web to your face, just as you would when reading a book.  A ten inch screen is the perfect size to differentiate itself from a smartphone and allows for interfaces developers only dreamed of.

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Jul 25 2011

Electric Cars…Yay or Nay?


The gasoline-powered cars have been around for 100+ years. Much of its success had to do with its early start to the game. During these gas-powered car’s beginning years, it was pretty darn bad; these vehicles had a stiff ride, short range, and high price.  But as time progressed, they improved significantly; these cars became more reliable, comfortable, and efficient. But today, Big Oil Companies are engulfed in greed and we are forced to find a different energy source, as it seems the mile high prices of oil aren’t coming down anytime soon. Not everyone can afford to fill up their tanks anymore, and a record number of people are once again relying on public transportation.

Though there are people who believe that Earth’s natural resources are depleting and argue for conservation and minimization, I believe differently. Continue reading