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Jan 2 2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Welcome to the Future of Android

Adam Shear

buy cheap cialis=”" width=”466″ height=”414″ />Over the last few years, Android, Google’s first attempt into the smartphone market, has become an incredibly huge success. Many people love it, however, I have had a few complaints about the OS over the last few years. Android, like Windows 98 or Windows XP, does not at all feel elegant. Its interface needed a bit of work in my opinion to catch up my personal favorite smartphone, the iPhone. Even Windows Phone 7 has a better interface in terms of flow and elegance. Google and Samsung are hoping the Galaxy Nexus, featuring the debut of Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich as its referred to, proves to introduce the future of Android inside a state of the art smartphone. Is it enough to make it the best Android phone on the market? Find out in my review.

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Nov 28 2011

LG Nitro HD: High Definition Taken to New Sizes

Eric Engoron

It’s about time AT&T users got the full HD experience, is it not? Well after a long wait, their HD opportunity has finally arrived in the LG Nitro HD, an amazingly clear HD phone from LG exclusively for AT&T customers.

Aside from being a completely HD phone, with an impressive 4.5 inch HD screen, this phone is also the third phone in AT&T’s line of 4G LTE phones. As the AT&T 4G LTE network continuously expands, so do the possibilities.

An enormous screen size and blazing fast 4G LTE speeds are not all this phone has to offer. The LG Nitro HD also has a 1.5-gigahertz dual-core processor that allows you to take full advantage of the phone’s HD capabilities, an eight-megapixel camera, as well as 20 gigs of storage, for all your favorite apps and games.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the LG Nitro HD boasts an incredibly slim and light design, something that cannot be said for any other smartphone of this caliber.

The LG Nitro HD comes to the market on December 4th for a price of $249.99 with a two-year contract. Pick yours up ASAP.

Nov 27 2011

Documents to Go: Productivity in Your Pocket

Eric Engoron

With smartphones becoming more and more popular among teenagers, they have begun to lose their true meaning, productivity on the go. In an attempt to bring back the productive side of smartphones, DataViz inc. has released Documents to Go, an app that aims to be Microsoft office in your pocket, and succeeds in being so.

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Nov 17 2011

T-Mobile Celebrating Launch of Google Music With Exclusive Deals


Google Music, the highly anticipated new application from Google, has been available in beta form since it’s launch back in May of this year. The service awards every user with Cloud storage space of up to 20,000 songs, and enables instant streaming from any web source, or through any Android tablet or smartphone device. Streaming is available on any Android device running Wi-FI, 3G or 4G.

The service has now officially gone public, and to celebrate, T-Mobile has partnered with Google to present an amazing offer to their customers. Every subscriber with a smartphone or tablet that is running Android 2.2 or higher will receive free new music releases every week from some of today’s most mainstream artists through the brand new Google Music online store. Right now, there is free content available from Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes, and it has been announced that every week through the rest of the year a handful of new music will be added to this list. There is also an option to share your music directly with your circles on Google+,where followers can listen to a full song once directly from your profile.

The new service is live right now, so anybody with T-Mobile should take full advantage of this while it lasts. Unfortunately, for the time being Google Music is only available in the United States, and there has been no official announcement for expansion to other territories.

For people on the fence about getting a smartphone, will this new deal inspire you to get a T-Mobile Android device? For those with a T-Mobile Android, does the service work as well as advertised? Are there any bugs or issues with downloading? Let us know in the comments below.


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Nov 16 2011

Reminder: Tune In To Today’s Google Press Conference!


Hey there! In case you don’t remember, today’s Google’s press conference, entitled, ”These go to eleven.” Apparently, we’ll “Get a look at what’s new from Google and Android, live from Los Angeles.” We think tonight is the night we’ll finally see the Google Music announcement we’re waiting for, and maybe we’ll see a Galaxy Nexus, or some kind of exclusivity for T-Mobile USA, considering T-Mobile was on the Google event invite. Also, T-Mobile has an after party with celebs like Busta’ Rhymes, Drake, and Maroon 5. Check out the live stream above! Let’s see what Google and T-Mobile have in store for us today!

Nov 14 2011

Google’s Down With The Pirates, ARRR


via Neowin

Google’s pretty open with their marketplace and have some pretty controversial apps available for download. The latest controversy is with MP3 Music Downloader Pro, which allows users to search for and download their favorite songs, which can be illegally obtained music or music that is legal to be shared! Now, Google’s retort is along the lines of, we won’t remove this application because it can be used to download legal content, although almost everyone who uses this application uses it to pirate music. The RIAA doesn’t like Google’s stand on this and still demands Google remove this application from the marketplace, but we’re lucky to have people at Google, who are just like us and are willing to stand up for us, whether we’re pirates or not.

However, it’ll be interesting to see if Google keeps this policy considering they plan on releasing their version of Google music. There will be a press conference this Wednesday, in Los Angeles , and T-Mobile will be hosting an after party filled with singers like Drake, Maroon 5, and more. This should be the launch of Google Music as well as, hopefully, the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile USA! We’ll have to sit back, wait and see what Google has in store for this application in the near future, Google Music, AND T-Mobile!


Nov 13 2011

Logitech Is Out, But It Looks Like LG’s Coming In – Google TV


Earlier this week, we found out Logitech’s Google TV/Revue was a pretty big fail and Logitech went ahead to say they’ll no longer be releasing new Google TV devices in the foreseeable future. Does that mean the end of Google TV, since one of the major manufacturer is out? Absolutely not, and that’s the beauty of Android and Google in general; it also happens to be a weak spot, in some cases, with a prime example being Android phone fragmentation, but that’s for another time. Well since Google’s open to almost any manufacturer that takes interest, we should be seeing no shortage of Google TV units, anytime soon, and it looks like LG has gained interest, according to Businessweek. LG is one of the biggest TV producers in the world, and they don’t have any iteration of Smart TVs, like Samsung and Vizio (thanks Engadget). If LG decides to go the Google TV route, it could be mutually beneficial. LG will finally have some kind of Smart TV interface, and Google would obtain quite a few Google TV subscribers by extension, provided LG decided to bundle Google TV/build it in, in their future Smart TV line-up, rather than sell it as a separate accessory.

But if LG did decide to involve Google TV in their new Smart TV designs, how will it differ from the Google TV experience on something like the Logitech Revue? Well, with the recently launched update to Google TV, navigation has become simpler and Google TV has become an all around better experience, but it could still use some polish. If LG decides to showcase some kind of iteration of Google TV, I think they will almost “skin” it, or somehow modify Google TV, with the help of Google, to make it an all around better, sleeker, and more pleasant experience. Also, I believe Google will have some great insight for LG, as well as helping as LG almost every step of the way, considering Google’s aware of the fact that if they can get the second biggest TV manufacturer to bundle Google TV, successfully, it would be a huge victory for Google as well. All Google needs to do now, is launch the equivalent of a Droid type marketing campaign as they did with Verizon for Android, but on the TV level with LG. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what we’ll see. I think LG and Google will be the next Verizon and Google in the world of Smart TVs. So will we actually see an LG version of Google TV – yes, I’m sure of it.

Nov 12 2011

Google TV Won’t Be Getting Anymore Love From Logitech!


Google TV, which already lets you browse for what you want to watch, versus flipping through channels and the channel guide, sounds like a great product, but apparently it’s in beta. Well, not really – one of Logitech’s slide, at a Logitech hosted an Analyst and Investor Day, hosted by the CEO, Guerrino De Luca, stated that Google TV was “beta” software, which just isn’t true. Even if it was beta, it would be a non-issue, considering how many og Google’s products are still in beta, and many products that we in beta worked almost flawlessly, one of the prime examples being GMail. What De Luca himself said, directly to investors, was, Logitech’s 2010 Google TV & Logitech Revue launch was ”a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.” According to De Luca, the current plan of action is to let all the Logitech Revue units sell out, with “no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue.”

De Luca feels strongly about Google TV being released prematurely, and accepting some of the faults as their own. Maybe they shouldn’t have taken such a huge risk on “beta” software – he basically called it a massive mistake. Expecting Google TV to lead the revolution in the TV world might have been an overstatement, considering how new the product was. De Luca stated the following -

To make the long story short, we thought we had invented [sliced] bread and we just made them. [We made a commitment to] just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes [at] $300 [...] that was a big mistake.

This “mistake,” apparently cost the company [Logitech] “well over $100M in operating profits.” De Luca does think that Google TV will be great some time in the future, but it’s not ready for the masses at the moment. From what I’ve seen, Google TV looks pretty good, but it would’ve helped if Logitech had better marketing and a lower than $300 price point. Does this mean the end for Google TV? I don’t think so, not at all. CES is just around the corner, and rumor is LG will be playing around with Google TV. We’ll have to wait and see what they have in store, as well as many other companies out there!

via The Verge

Nov 6 2011

Review: Samsung Epic 4G Touch – It’s Pretty Epic


Samsung has released their top selling Samsung Galaxy S II American side, and we have it!

The Hardware

From just looking at the phone and looking at a 360 degree view of the phone, you will see the monster 4.52 inch 480×800 Super AMOLED Plus screen with four touch sensitive (capacitive) buttons – Menu, Home, Back, and Search. Also on the front, you have a nice 2MP front facing camera.  Turning the phone to the right, you will see a single button; this is the Power/Lock button for the phone. On the back side you will see the brilliant 8MP, 3264×2448 pixels, auto focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization camera, that also records at 1080P, at 30 frames per second! The back feels rough and grainy, which is a nice feel as it prevents the phone from slipping through your hand(s). The speaker is also located on the bottom left and back side of the phone. On the right side you will see two buttons, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Located on top of the phone, you will see a 3.5mm headphone jack, and on the bottom of the phone, you will see the microUSB port for charging and connecting to the computer. And when taking off the back cover of the phone, you will see Samsung added a 1800mAh batttery. Continue reading

Nov 5 2011

Move Over Fios, I’m Getting Google’s TV Service!


Could we be seeing a Fios like TV service from Google in the near future?

Could we be seeing a pay TV service, like Verizon Fios, from our friends over at Google?! Well, Google’s already been working on something called Google Fiber in Kansas City, where they’re setting up high speed internet, and stopping there is unlikely. Now, when Google was asked about moving outside of Kansas City, something national, to major cities like New York City, Google was unclear and basically said no. Interestingly enough, Google is supposedly talking to major media companies about licensing their channels and making it available to the national public. They’re not alone; other media companies are also talking within themselves, about making a program like this national.

This is certainly possible with Google’s all new YouTube launched content and YouTube channels, and married with Google TV, which already lets you browse for what you want to watch, versus flipping through channels and the channel guide, Google can offer us a cable system of the future, offering us an unbeatable service. To tie this all together, Google has gained Motorola’s Set-top box business, which they got when they went forward and bought Motorola! Continue reading