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Sep 17 2013

Reminder: Grand Theft Auto Release!


GTA VOver half a decade in the making, the wait is finally over – Grand Theft Auto, arguably one of the best and most controversial (Rated M for Mature 17+) video game in console history, has finally been released (on the East Coast; those of you on the West Coast are going to have to wait a couple more hours!) Although there are only two months remaining until the release of the PS4 (Nov. 15) and Xbox One (Nov. 22), sales are expected to go strong. It’s been predicted that the game will net over $1 billion dollars retail in the first month alone while selling through 6.5 million release day copies netting $400 million USD. Looming releases of the two new consoles are clearly not a concern for Rockstar (creator of the popular series) and nor should they be. The sheer amount of detail, time, and effort that went into the making of Grand Theft Auto is incredible and should be more than enough to sway a weary buyer – it’s been estimated the game cost a staggering $260 million dollars to produce, but when Rockstar was asked about this, they declined to comment. To put that into some perspective, the same amount of money is put into the making of some Hollywood blockbusters (the Spider-man & Harry Potter franchises.) Continue reading

Aug 30 2012

A Samsung Packed Fall Lineup for Boost Mobile: The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, the Galaxy Rush & the Samsung Array


Late last week, Samsung and Boost Mobile showed us some new devices from their Fall 2012 lineup. For those of us who find ourselves using a pre-paid, contract-less carrier like Boost Mobile, rather than T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, our options are usually limited to phones which can be described as mediocre as best. Well, Boost and Samsung have an answer for that with their new lineup.

While the new lineup doesn’t feature a Galaxy S III, which to be honest really isn’t surprising given how much it would cost, features a more than adequate Galaxy S II, in a sexy white or black coat, the Samsung Galaxy Rush, for the mid end/casual smartphone users, and lastly, a good old slider, feature phone in the Samsung Array. You can find the specs to follow. Continue reading

Aug 24 2012

T-Mobile Actually Has a Real “4G” Unlimited Plan


Well, we all know that all carriers often advertise and love to chant “Unlimited 4G” in their various commercials and adverts, but it was never really “real.” I thought it would always merely by a facade, but T-Mobile recently made it real – yeah, t

hat means no more changing one’s download speed to Edge or 2G after hitting a certain data threshold or limit!

Wednesday, T-Mobile announced a new data plan, simply known as, Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, and gave us all hope for a fast, cap-less internet experience on our devices once again. This new data plan can be added and kicks in on September 5th, and will throw you back $20 a month when being bundled with a Value voice and text plan or $30 a month, when added to one of the Classic voice and text plan. An example of what a bill may look like, directly from T-Mobile:

A single line Value plan with unlimited talk and Continue reading

Jan 19 2012

Apple Changing Education with iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U Apps

Adam Shear

The first thing Apple looks to change are textbooks. Textbooks are an old 20th century idea. Students carry around tons of heavy books with them every day. These books are expensive and sometimes come in terrible conditions if used. Textbooks are also not engaging, interactive, or stay up to date. To remedy this, Apple has announced iBooks 2 for the iPad. iBooks 2 will have a specific section for textbooks. These textbooks contain more than just text. Videos, 3D models, slideshows, and more will play a critical part in helping students learn the material. Students can easily highlight important text and take notes right within the textbook. These textbooks are also searchable. If a teacher says “jump to page 34″, this is now as simple as typing the number 34 in a search bar. The books will also contain searchable indexes and glossaries. The books also stay up to date via updates and students keep them forever. Apple is starting with high school textbooks and has gotten support from around 90% of the high school textbook industry. Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will have many of their textbooks available today with more in the future. Unlike their not so interactive hardcover counterparts, textbooks on iBooks 2 will be available for $15 or less. Aside from high school textbooks, DK Publishing is releasing some textbooks today for younger children and Harvard professor E.O. Wilson is releasing his new textbook Life On Earth exclusively on iBooks 2. The first two chapters of Life On Earth are available today for free with more chapters coming for a small fee. iBooks 2 is available now on the App Store. Click here to download it. If you have iBooks installed on your iPad, just check for updates and it should be there.

Sure these textbooks may look great but what if they were incredibly easy to create too? Apple has just announced the iBooks Author app for the Mac. This app allows anyone to create a great book with the same ease of use as Apple’s iWork apps. Everything and anything from photo’s, 3D models, videos, and more can just be dragged and dropped. The app can create any type of book but Apple is hoping that this is an easy solution to get great textbooks from people who are just not good with computers. The iBooks author app is available now on the Mac App Store. Give it a spin by clicking here.

The final app Apple talked about today is their new iTunes U app. The app, which just launched today for all iOS devices, will allow students to take full online courses from the comfort of their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s not just lectures anymore. Students can also have full access to a course syllabus, presentations, and all other course documents. It operates very similarly to a management program such as Blackboard. Students can take notes within the app as well and can purchase course materials straight from the app. If a teachers sends students a message, it will come up as a push notification. The iTunes U app makes taking online courses simpler and easier than ever (until you start counting the actual course work). And now for the first time, there will be iTunes U courses available for K-12 students. Teachers teaching these grades can create online courses for not just their students, but the world. The iTunes U app is available now. Grab it here.

Apple seems to have brought the public education system into the 21st century and is making it easier for anyone to take online courses. The one problem I see is whether or not students and whole schools can even afford iPads for every student. This may take a few years to get off the ground but when it does, students will be learning more and hopefully since students are actually using technology in the classroom, the willingness to learn will increase as well. The future for Apple and education looks brighter than ever before.

Jan 17 2012

CES 2012: Samsung Smart Interaction Proves to be the Television of the Future

Adam Shear

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One thing that was expected this year at CES was a natural interface for televisions.  A natural interface simply means a way of control that is natural to everyone.  Using the body and voice are of course the most natural inputs we have.  Samsung showed off Smart Interaction which will make its debut later this year on two of Samsung’s LED TVs and one plasma TV as well.  Smart Interaction allows a person to interact with Samsung’s TVs through gesture, voice control, and facial recognition.  This technology may seem familiar for those who own Kinect for Xbox 360, but this is the first time is it being natively added to a TV set.  The video above explains and shows off the concept much better than I can.  LG also showed a TV at CES with similar functions.  Comment below if you think this natural way of control is the way of the future or if you have spotted me in the video (I’m in it for maybe two seconds).  And of course if you have any questions, feel free to also comment below and I will personally answer you (same goes for all our posts).

Jan 17 2012

CES 2012: Monster Unveils 2012 Headphones Lineup- Looking Just As Good As They Sound

Adam Shear

A company that originally created cables for the ultimate picture and sound has made its headphones a huge hit in the last couple of years. Its most popular brand by far is Beats by Dr. Dre which is currently one of the hottest brands of headphones on the market. At CES 2012, Monster unveiled its 2012 lineup of headphones. Not only did we at TripTronicTech learn of these new headphones, we got to see each one up close and personal. Here’s a quick synopsis and hands on all six new models.

Continue reading

Jan 12 2012

HP Unveils the HP Envy 14 Spectre


At the Cons

umer Electronic Show yesterday HP unveiled it’s HP Envy 14 Spectre, sporting what might be one of the boldest – and beautifulest – designs of all modern laptops.

What makes the Spectre stand out above everything else is it’s lid. The Spectre sports an all black glass display, much like the iPhone 4. This is one of – if not the best – looking laptops on today’s market.

The HP Envy 14 Spectre has some great specs as well, although not boasting an optical drive or a built-in graphics card.

The Spectre does have:

  • A 128GB SSD, with options to add another and double the space
  • Beats by Dr. Dre built in
  • An i5-2467M processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • Adobe Photoshop and Elements preinstalled
  • An amazing 9 hour battery life.
  • NFC built in, although it’s unclear how this will be used.



All in all this looks like an amazing computer, and it will definitely be my next.

Jan 10 2012

CES: Exclusive- Information You Didn’t Hear About Intel’s UltraBook

Adam Shear

Upon sh

aring their vision on the future of computing, Intel showed off this prototype Ultrabook at their CES keynote. It can act like a normal laptop or you can fold it into a slate mode where it works just like a tablet. Even with that full sized keyboard, it is just as thin as today’s tablets. All of this is possible because of Intel’s 2nd generation 22 nm processor known as Ivy Bridge. Although Intel will never sell this specific model, we at TripTronicTech got some exclusive information from a member of Intel’s Ultrabook team about who could. We were told that Intel is not patenting this model and that they have already shared it with various manufacturers. These Ultrabooks could hit the market as early as the end of this year. They are being worked on by various computer manufacturers. We will have to wait and see how this plays out but hopefully these Ultrabooks running Windows 8 will be a reality in the marketplace at that time. Stay tuned to TripTronicTech for more CES coverage.

Jan 10 2012

Windows 8 and Metro: The Future of Microsoft


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lt=”" width=”620″ height=”423″ />“Metro! Metro! Metro! Windows! Windows! Windows!” Steve Ballmer proclaimed at the end of the Microsoft’s Final Keynote at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Microsoft showed off much of Windows 8 and it’s Windows Store – the app store for Windows 8 – today. With thousands of apps coming down the pipeline for the February release.

Microsoft also showed off it’s newest line of Windows Phone 7′s and Windows 8 PC’s.

Microsoft also announced that all PC’s running will be capable of running Windows 8 on day one of released.

Some of the awesome features of Windows 8:

  • The ability to control the computer with your eyes. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, you simply add an attachment roughly the size of your screen size to your device, take a few moments to calibrate, and voila! Watching a tech demo of this was a spectacular thing. This is something amazing for both veteran PC users but which will also assist the older and less tech savvy work a computer.
  • The Windows Store; An integrated app store with thousands of apps for every unique interest you can have. Not much has been shown about the store, other than an all HTML5 Cut the Rope as well as eBay and a few other apps. This should be a good rival for the Mac App Store.
  • The new way to unlock: now, instead of using a password to unlock you can have “picture passwords,” these allow you to click certain area’s on a photo to unlock. One example we saw was clicking on three “fish-heads” in a family photo. Sounds like a pretty sweet way to unlock a device if you ask me.
  • This one’s mainly for app developers, the ability to develop an app for a tablet and have it work everywhere. Make an app for a Windows 8 tablet? It’ll work on every Windows 8 tablet and every Windows 8 PC as well. This is great for app developers who can make one app for every platform.



Dec 25 2011

The Ultimate PlayStation Vita Launch Guide

Adam Shear

Generic cialis without prescription width=”603″ height=”402″ />Christmas time is here and many gamers are probably saving up their Christmas money for the next big thing in gaming, the PlayStation Vita. Sony recently unveiled everything one would need to know before buying the system when it releases in February. I have taken all of that information and put it in one place. Whether you are unfamiliar with the PlayStation Vita or know all about it and want to plan out what games and accessories to buy, we at TripTronicTech are here to help you out.

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