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Dec 1 2011

The HAL-5: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Eric Engoron

The HAL-5

Have you ever wanted to lift something that you couldn’t? Have you ever wanted to become stronger than you are in the blink of an eye? Japanese Company Cyberdyne aims to answer your prayers with the HAL-5, an exoskeleton robot that makes you stronger as you wear it.

The Hybrid-Assistive Limb 5 is an exoskeleton robot developed by Japanese Company Cyberdyne. Intended to be used to help the elderly and disabled function normally, this exoskeleton robot amplifies the electrical signals in your nerve cells, thereby making you two to ten times stronger. In one 50.7 pound (23 kg) suit, one could potentially raise their strength to superhuman levels.

This suit’s abilities can also be applied to jobs that require heavy lifting such as industrial work and jobs that require physical endurance, among other applications. While this technology was developed with good intentions, if this technology were to fall into the wrong hands, the world as we know it would change.

Imagine a world in which an army used this technology to become superpowered. Their destructive force can be taken to new and terrible heights. There is a crucial difference between being able to lift 400 pounds and 4000 pounds. When this exoskeleton robot is eventually released, mankind will be tested. Will this technology remain the savior of rehabilitation in the medical world? Will this technology be used to save lives by lifting beams in collapsing buildings? Or, will this technology be used for destruction? Only time will tell.

The HAL-5 will be released in hospitals around Japan in 2012 for preliminary testing and will be released to the public by 2015. If you have always wanted to have super strength, this could be the technology you’ve been waiting for. However, I caution you that with great power comes great responsibility.

Nov 18 2011

Hands On: Graphite for Twitter

Adam Shear

For a while, the HP TouchPad has lacked a decent Twitter app.  Finally, one comes along in the form on Graphite for Twitter.  Check out the video above to see just how great this new app is and if you have an HP TouchPad and really use Twitter, I suggest paying the five dollars this app costs.

Nov 13 2011

Saturday Night Live Makes Technology Hump

Adam Shear

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured a really hilarious skit, starring Emma Stone and Andy Samberg.  They hosted a show called “We’re Gonna Make Technology Hump.”  I don’t want to spoil to much, but you just have to see it.  It’s pretty hysterical, especially for those who love tech products as much as we do, at TripTronicTech.  For those on iOS devices, this video does require Flash, just so you know.

Oct 27 2011

Microsoft Creates A Video Of The Future Of Technology Around Us. A Future We Yearn To Live In


Microsoft created a video of how they envision technology around us will be in the future and how we can interact with it. It’s meant to show us how technology around us can increase our productivity factor tenfold. The description for the amazing video reads:

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.

It’s funny – I feel as if we see videos like this from various companies over the past few years, but when I look at some of the innovation we’ve had, I can’t help but think this kind of life is certainly possible in my lifetime. While it may be possible, sadly, it doesn’t seem probable. To get truly as awesome or as productive as we see in these videos, it’d require a lot of work and cooperation for us, the people, and the rest of the world, and we don’t know how willing the whole world would be to innovations like these. Also, I can’t help but think of all the new privacy concerns that would arise. Oh, and lastly, and this is the very sad part – Patents. I think the broken patent system will slow down innovation to the pace of a snail. It really is said. As far as the video goes, I thoroughly enjoyed, and I do recommend watching it!

Jun 21 2011

One Last Shot: Nokia N9, N950 Revealed in Singapore


Nokia decides to take another shot at it. Nokia today introduced the Nokia N9 and the Nokia N950. These two powerhouse phones definitely make their mark in the market but that won’t be enough to wow android and iOS users. The nokia N9 will be the last device that is going to run on MeeGo, a Linux based operating system. Has a 3.9 inch Amoled screen with 854×480 displays, and a 8 mega pixel Carl Zeiss back camera. Supports HD recording and comes with a 16GB or 64GB hard drive. As usual, packs Nokia maps and free GPS. The device has access to the Ovi Store, but for how long will that last? Nokia couldn’t have said good bye to Linux in any better way other than a great smartphone. Windows is taking over the OS for Nokia, the days where Symbian, Maemo had ruled Nokia. Nokia though is in for a tough time as it competes against Android and iOS.

Jun 9 2011

Oh Yeah! Free AT&T WiFi For All, In NY! Coming To A Park Near You.


Today, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and AT&T’s Randall Stephenson announced a five-year initiative to provide free Wi-Fi service at 26 locations in 20 New York City parks across the five boroughs.

As a New Yorker, I find this to be awesome! Although I do have 3G, and now 4G, sometimes WiFi is a better and faster method of connecting in The Big Apple. Countless times I find myself in NYC looking for directions, and half of that time, I’m in the beautiful central park. Although data connectivity is good, AT&T WiFi would be better. AT&T is looking to help us out!

The best part: You DO NOT have to be an AT&T customer. You can be on a laptop, a Verizon customer, etc, and you will still be able to use this!


AT&T Wi-Fi is available free of charge to any users (AT&T customers AND non-customers) at Battery Bosque in Battery Park, the north-end playground in Joyce Kilmer Park in the Bronx, and around the recreation center at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem, with 23 additional park locations to follow throughout the summer.


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Jun 6 2011

Update: Google Translate API Will NO LONGER Be Deprecated!


Recently, Google announced it was going to be doing some “Spring Cleaning,” and getting rid of some of its APIs. Many of us were unaffected by this, for the most part. However, among the APIs was the Google Translate API, which is something I, along with many other people use religiously! You’d think after having these many people using the API Google wouldn’t get rid of it, but that’s exactly what it was. There was an extremely high volume of people using the Google Translate API, which was actually causing Google to loose money!

Luckily, Google is a great company and actually listens to its users. Due to the outcry of many people, over the deprecation of the Translate API, Google has now decided they won’t get rid of it, but rather, they will charge for it:

“UPDATE June 3: In the days since we announced the deprecation of the Translate API, we’ve seen the passion and interest expressed by so many of you, through comments here (believe me, we read every one of them) and elsewhere. I’m happy to share that we’re working hard to address your concerns, and will be releasing an updated plan to offer a paid version of the Translate API. Please stay tuned; we’ll post a full update as soon as possible.”

This was definitely a better idea, and a great move by Google. Now, many of us can continue using this great service, and Google can make a few bucks off of it; it’s a win-win situation, if I were to say so myself!

via Google Code Blog

Jun 4 2011

Does This Mean I Must Stop Using IE6? :(


Well, this was going to happen sooner or later; Google announced that its famous Google Apps will continue to be enriched with HTML5 thus leaving older browsers in the dust. Unless you have a last major release version of an internet browser, like IE8, you’re browser will no longer properly be able to access these Google Apps. Of course you’ll be able to access them, but support and the quality of said apps will continue to worsen and degrade, unless you update your browser. If you’re still using a browser like IE6, which many people still are, you might want to upgrade, especially if you want to use Google Apps. Even if you don’t use Google Apps, it’s seriously recommended to upgrade anyway. With newer, better browsers like Firefox 4, Google Chrome, IE9, etc, there’s not much of a point on staying on a less functional and less secure browser like Internet Explorer 6.

via Google Docs Blog.

Apr 15 2011

TF10′s Wallpaper Pack April 2011

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

Starting with this month and hopefully continuing into the future, we have a wallpaper pack compiled of some truly beautiful scenes from the few months. Compiled from many sources including InterfaceLIFT and Social Wallpapering, we have 25 of our favorite wallpapers.

Out of the 25, the majority are of a 2560 x 1600 resolution, and all are of, or greater than, a 1080p resolution. We have displayed our favorite 10 below and all are available to download via a link at the bottom. Have some for the next pack? Please contact us with them. Enjoy.

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Apr 8 2011

Site5 hosting review: the ups and downs

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

Tech From 10 has experienced some serious downtime over the past few days, as we’re sure many of our readers have noticed. 12 hours of downtime followed by 36 is not particularly great, but due to our massive amount of resources we used during our unexpectedly large traffic spike over the Android Test Market article it’s not surprising our host suspended our account. Next time we’ll be prepared.

So, we decided that after our experiences with our host, Site5, that we would review their service and support – after all, we just went through a lot with them.

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