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Jan 8 2012



Hey everyone -

we’re back to report for you guys! This week, we’re at CES 2012 in Vegas, but we just wanted to let you know it may be a bumpy ride because I’m trying to work on a few things for the site. It doesn’t help that I’m not a pro when it comes to wordpress, so please bear with me, and enjoy the coverage! Everything should work without a hitch, I think. :)

Oct 31 2011

Initial Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


For starters this is my first review unit I have received. Let me tell you, from opening the box to get my hands on the awesome tablet.. Well let’s just say I couldn’t keep my excitement in. The tablet in hand has a good weight to it. Turning it on running through the setup was a breeze. The screen colors pop!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is packed with:

  • 8.9 Widescreen HD WXGA(1280×800) Display
  • Compatible with Adobe Flash Player
  • Samsung Media Hub
  • Dual Core Processor (1GHz X 2)
  • HD Video Capture and Playback
  • Video Chat
  • Honeycomb 3.1 with TouchWIZ Interface
  • 6,100mAh Battery

More to come later on my full review! Stay tuned!

Jul 17 2011

Are YOU Interested In Writing For A Tech. Website?


Hey everyone, we at TripTronicTech are still relatively young, and we still happen to be looking for writers. We’re about anything technology related, so if that’s your thing or you have a buddy that may be interested, let us know! We can make it happen. You can comment below and leave an email address we can reach you at, or, you can email us at .


Feb 21 2011

New Site! TripTronicTech.

Tim and Former TechFrom10 Team

We here at Tech From 10 have just merged our posts with There’s a new owner as well! There may be some bugs, but we’re working on sorting it out. Please bear with us. Thanks!